KONOTOKI Terms of service

1. General Rules

Customers who use the KONOTOKI App (hereafter referred to as "the Service"), which is provided by amane factory Inc. (hereafter referred to as "the Company"), are deemed to have agreed beforehand to the contents stipulated in these terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms of service").

By agreeing to these Terms of service, and starting to use the Service by following the prescribed procedures, customers are deemed to have entered into a contract (hereafter referred to as "the Contract") with the Company for the supply of the Service.

All rights with regard to the Service, including editorial rights, belong to the Company or the third parties who own the copyright.

It is prohibited for customers to reprint, duplicate, store or transmit any content belonging to the Service without obtaining prior permission from the Company.

Customers may not transfer or assign any rights or obligations with regard to this Contract to any third parties.

The Company reserves the right to make revisions, additions, deletions, or changes to the Service or these Terms of service without any prior notice.

Customers are required to have an Internet connection in order to use the Service. Furthermore, any costs incurred for said connection are the liability of the customers.

Customers may cancel this Contract by following the processes stipulated by the Company.

Please refer to "Privacy Policy" under the menu for information about the Service's handling of personal information. Furthermore, the contents of the "Privacy Policy" menu are also considered to be part of these Terms of service.

The Service is required to store sensitive information such as women's dates for menstrual periods.

Customers are asked to use the Service, exercising full responsibility in their decision to do so, in the understanding that sensitive information will need to be sent to the Company for the purposes of using the Service.

Part of the information entered by customers into the Service will be saved and managed as common information (hereafter referred to as "Common Information") in relation to the KONOTOKI Service. Common Information refers to personal information that can be shared with other KONOTOKI Services, in order to avoid the need for customers to enter those details again.

The information and data gathered through the Service (excluding user-identifiable information, but including the sensitive information mentioned above) may be used as reference in order to improve the development of products and services of the Company or other related companies.

Customers may use any information provided by the Service only for their own personal use. Furthermore, said information may not be used for any personal business whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit.

Parts of the service may not be usable on certain devices.

The Company has no responsibility for providing compensation for any direct or indirect damages caused to customers or third parties through the use of the Service.

The Company provides no guarantee with regard to the reliability, usefulness, or accuracy of the information provided by the Service. Customers are asked to be fully responsible with regard to their decision to use the information provided by the Service.

The Company and its information sources shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any results following the actions carried out based on information provided by the Service, including the estimated dates of menstrual periods, estimated safe dates, estimated unsafe dates, and the like. Customers are deemed to have agreed to be fully responsible with regard to their use of the Service.

Part or all of the Service may be stopped or interrupted due to faults in the Company's systems or communication networks, periodic or emergency maintenance requirements, natural disasters, accidents, wars and the like.

The Company shall act in good faith to resolve any doubts or disputes that may arise between the Company and the customers in the use of the Service. However, if these situations are still unresolved, they shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court.

The Company reserves the right to stop customers from further use of the Service without any prior notice, should it be deemed that they have committed any of the acts outlined below (hereafter referred to as Prohibited Behaviors). Furthermore, the Company may also seek damage compensation from the customers, as well as report said behaviors to the pertinent public institutions, if the Company were to suffer damages due to these Prohibited Behaviors.


2. Important Notes on Use

Please note that the Service will not be able to post or submit questions from customers that include any of the content outlined below. Furthermore, the Company shall reserve the right to delete any temporarily submitted posts that may contain said content.